I Chose the name P&R Creations as a collaboration of two house holds coming together, due on my part to having an inability to commit this was me showing a gesture I was trying... I had no idea at the time where it would take me but I started making and creating and this was only made possible with Mark by my side supporting me all the way.

P&R Creations is my sanity and my artistic release. I discovered textile art later in life having come from an architectural background. I've always constructed and created things but now I have a focus. I like to create a collection of work and then release it for sale, though I'm happy to take commissions so please get in touch if you are after something specific.


All the pieces I make are one offs using vintage and recycled material and I see them as Art in themselves, whether they are sitting on your sofa or hung on your wall, so please treat them with the love and care they deserve.